If you are enrolled at the StudyMAGIX Virtual Campus for a
                                                             specific term, you could make use of the tutor-on-call

                                                           This means that you could send us your own, unique
                                                           question, by making use of any of the following methods:

Fax: 08666 19 335

eMail: admin@studymagix.com

WhatsApp: 082 858 9099 (This is the preferred method. Students take a photograph of the question from their cellphones, and send it to us. We will then reply with an email with a link to the audio-visual recording)

Skype: Mathmechanic

DropBox: gerrie@mathmechanic.com

We will attempt to, at the latest, have the audio-visual answer ready within 48 hours.

These audio-visual memorandums are stored in the SUPERcloud database, and a link will be sent to you to replay the recording. Click here for an example of such an answer.

Please note: You may only send one question at a time (the reason for this condition is so that we can ensure we keep our promises - in the past students have sent us pages and pages of past papers, and it could take so long to process that we may neglect other students).