The focus of the StudyMagix material is to give students a sequential breakdown of the course material, in such a way that they can digest each new technique one-at-a-time. For the same reason students are also compelled to stop after each module, and complete an exercise first, which contains questions evaluating the techniques they have just studied. These exercises must be submitted to StudyMagix, and only if completed satisfactorily will the password for the next module be forwarded.

To see what the course material will typically look like, and also how the audio-visual enrichment is done, click on the demo button below.

Below please find a list of courses for a specific term for a specific grade, by selecting the grade. When a course is selected, you will be prompted for a password, which can only be sourced from StudyMagix. Registration is therefore primarily important.

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Demonstration of Analytical Geometry: Circles
GRADE 6                                                                     GRADE 7
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