How do I register my child for a specific course?

On the Classrooms page the various courses are listed that are active (live) for any specific term, and for which a leraner could be enrolled. You must complete the registration form and send it back to us to be able to register for any of the courses in a specific term, but this does not constitute a regsitration for any specific course yet.

When you have made the payment for the campus fees you will have the opportunity to choose a course that your child must start with, and then we will forward the password to you.

At the end of each module an assessment must be completed by your child and sent to us. As soon as it has been received we will send you the password for the next module via email. In this way you can control the rate at which your child works through the modules, and you can determine whether he/she is on track for completion of a specific module.

Should it be urgent that your child completes the whole course quickly, and we receive instructions to this effect from you, we will make available all the passwords for all the modules.

Why don't I just send my child for traditional extra classes?

Our experience has taught us that the traditional way of "extra classes" is no longer sufficient in the modern day, mainly because of the following reasons:

An hour a week (alone with a tutor, one-on-one or in a class with a group of other learners) is simply not enough

During these extra classes there is usually a lot of time spent on the learners' homework, rather than focussing on the development of skills and learning new techniques.

Even if any tuition takes place (something that doesn't necessarily happen at many of the computer centers - there the children simply work through various programs) these sessions are also subject to the following:
    It is usually too much for a single session. The average person cannot spend more than 30 minutes
    concentrating on new techniques and concepts - how much less a school child? It is so that, when
    they are asked if they understand, they will always answer that they are, because at that moment it
    is indeed the case. The question remains, however, if they can still remember the new information
    from half an hour earlier, and whether they will still remember this information a couple of days later.
    The information (knowledge transferred) from the tutor to the learner during such sessions is lost
    when the class is finished.

    The learners must fit in with the times that suit the tutor, and not the other way around
The StudyMAGIX Virtual Campus addresses all these shortcomings, by allowing your child to study when he/she wants to, and by supplying a tutor the whole time - to explain everything that could possible not be understood, or confusing, in the text.
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What must I do if I need a topic that is not listed for a specific term?

This could mean that the specific topic you are looking for has been indexed in another term according to the CAPS curriculum, or maybe it has not yet been developed as a StudyMagix audio-visual course.

Stop by the Archives first, just to see if the course is not yet available as a SUPERbook. If not, contact us so that we can make plans to get it developed as soon as possible.
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What must I do if it is almost the end of a term?

The enrollments for courses at the StudyMagix Virtual Campus are done on a quarterly basis, and paid for as such as well. Should you decide to enroll during the last month of a term, however, and pay for the complete term, we will actually give you this last month for free, and your child will already be enrolled for the subsequent term.

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What are the costs for courses at the StudyMAGIX Virtual Campus?

The enrollments for courses at the StudyMagix Virtual Campus are done on a quarterly basis, and the fee-structures are as follows:

First enrollment:    R900 for the term (or R350 per month).

Each term that you enroll your child for will cost R900. If you enroll for a year, you will receive a discount of 25%, and the fee will be R2 700. All fees are payable strictly in advance.

Monthly payment (by debit order only): R350 per month.

If you are paying by debit order, and have chosen the automatic renewal option, a 10% discount on the relevant amounts will be passed back to you.

Alternative options at the campus:
SUPERbooks from the archives:   R250 per course (if you download it from our site); R350 if you order it on CD and collect from us; R450 if you choose to have the CD posted to you.

etutor (live one-to-one assistance in a virtual classroom for 15 minute-sessions): R2 700 per year / R700 per term (included in the quarterly or annual campus registrations)

TeachMe upgrade to the Basic version: R390 (if you have a referral ID from the Campus agent, you will receive a 10% discount)
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Is there additional support for my child?

We fully appreciate how important it is for a learner to have access to a Question-and-Answer facility when they are busy learning and mastering new concepts in Mathematics.
For this reason the tutor-on-call facility is a standard option included with each term's enrollments.
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What are the advantages for my child enrolling at the StudyMagix Virtual Campus?

Many of the advantages were addressed frequently on these web-pages, but for the sake of uniformity with the absolute uniqueness of this solution, we will list them again:

24/7 access to a talking, explaining "textbook".

"Extra classes" in the convenience of your own home, at times that suit you.

You can view the explanations over-and-over again, until you understand it.

You will have to complete assessments, so that we can determine whether you have mastered the concepts.

Access to any of the available courses for a specific term.

The opportunity to send in your own questions, and also to request a course if it is not yet available.

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What is the difference between a SUPERlesson and a SUPERbook?

The technology that we use to create the audio-visual material (where the tutor explains on the screen) also enables us to package a group of similar and related content together. A good example would be to think of "Operations with fractions". Assume there are four recordings, one each for add, subtract, multiply and divide with fractions. These four individual recordings will then be available free in the TeachMe program.

We could also design an index page, giving four choices: Addition of fractions, Subtraction of fractions, Multiplication of fractions and Division of fractions. These four individual recordings are then linked to the index page, and a new file is created, which we call  a SUPERlesson. The student now has the opportunity to view all operations with fractions on one page, without having to search for them individually, and with a simple click of the mouse any of these operations could be viewed over-and-over again.

A SUPERlesson can, however, only be viewed in the Basic version of the TeachMe program, but an additional advantage to the upgrade is that this SUPERlesson could also be downloaded and saved for later, offline use.

The format in which the courses are presented on the virtual campus, namely text-based pages, with places to click for the explanations, form the basis for the SUPERbooks. For all practical purposes, then, a SUPERbook is an offline version of the courses given online on the campus. The SUPERbooks could also handle interactive assessments, with automatic evaluations.
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Can I download the audio-visual sessions on my computer?

Unfortunately not. If you really have the requirement to store the recordings from the course for later use, we could recommend the Basic version of the TeachMe program, or alternatively you can get the whole course as a SUPERbook.

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What grades are covered by the courses?

The StudyMagix Virtual Campus is a fairly new initiative, and as such we do not want to promise that we will be able to get going with all sections of all grades, but our immediate goal is to have Mathematics from Grade 4 to Grade 12 covered, per term, by developing and persenting courses. You are invited to get in touch with us if there is a requirement for a course that we have not yet developed, but which could be done for you as a matter of urgency.
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Can my child get help from a personal, online tutor?

We offer a facility called "etutor" where students can reserve a 15 minute session in a live, virtual classroom, with a tutor, to receive personal, one-to-one tuition. Click here for a demonstartion of such a session, which is also recorded each time, so that the students can work through it again later, if they are unsure about any of the techniques that were explained.

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Are these courses aligned to the curriculum?

Yes, definitely. We work strictly according to the CAPS curriculum for Aouth African schools when we develop and make available courses for any specific term.

Courses which do not fall into these categories can be specifically developed (i.e. for students in private schools that do not follow the CAPS curriculum) or found in the archives.
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Do I, as the parent, get feedback regarding my child's participation and progress?

You, as the parent, is our contact person for all issues regarding enrollments for, and progress with, these courses. You will receive a password for access to a new module, each time, and in this way you will also know when your child has completed any of the modules (we will provide the password only if the assessment for the previous module has been submitted).

We will also notify you about the results of the final assessment at the end of the course.
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Can I stop for a month or longer, and then come back to carry on where I have left off?

If you are paying per month, you agree to make payments by debit order. A full calendar month notice is applicable if you choose to cancel, and therefore the minimum period for which a student can be enrolled, on a month-to-month basis, is two months. If, however, you want to stop for a month or longer, and join at a later stage, the rule above will apply, but there are no other resitrictions on you.

If you have enrolled for a term or a year we cannot make refunds if you decide to stop using the services of the campus during that time.
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Will the streaming of all these videos not use more bandwidth than I can afford?

We made a comprehensive breakdown of the relative sizes of video formats in which similar material as these could be made available, to put your mind at ease about the very small files that we use.

Click here to see the breakdown.

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