What is the studyMagix Virtual Campus?

The studyMAGIX Virtual Campus aims to replace the discipline of being taught in the classroom with the discipline of convenient education at home!

This is a very important statement, even if it may sound tongue-in-cheeck, for the following two reasons:

1)    Firtsly there is the perception that "extra classes" are still effective in the modern day and
       age, and many parents still prefer to send their children for extra classes once a week.
       The main purpose behind this is mostly to have somebody else "force" their children to
       learn under a disciplined environment. This does happen, but mostly the learners are only
       helped with their current homework. Very little development takes place, because there
       are typically more than one student per class, and because the time is limited.
       The modern curriculum and work load is simply  too much to expect to get any real value
       out of one hour a week.

2)    On the other side there are children that do have enough discpline to be busy with
        development on a regular basis, even if it is on their own with extra material or with past
        papers. The tuition that is supposed to accompany such activities are absent, in most
        cases, however!

Parents who take the time, and invest the effort, to monitor the disicpline of their children will find a resource here at studyMAGIX. We correspond with the parents via eMail about each module that their chidlren are busy with, so that they can decide whether enough efffort is put in, or not...

The virtual campus is not intended for students who are not disciplined enough to do a little extra, or more than their required homework.