The material presented here is intended to function in the same way as it would if somebody enrolls at a correspondence university: Choose your course, get your material, work through it, and complete the assessment. There are two distinct differences to this model though: (1) we also offer audio-visual explanations for the concepts and examples in the text so that the student only needs to click if something doesn't make sense, and be elped by a tutor, or send in their own questions, and (2) the courses are not formal, accredited courses. We do not imply that the results from the assessments are anything more than proof of competency. We do not police the circumstances when assessments are done, and state it clearly that these courses should be seen as supplementary to preparation for formal tests.

The process of enrolling at the StudyMagix Virtual Campus is as follows:

1)    Register for the specific term by completing the form and sending it back to us.

2)    You will then receive an invoice / debit order form from us. The first payment (even if you opt
        to pay by debit order or choose to pay monthly (this option is only available with a debit
       order)) must be deposited into our bank account
       (tutormagix, Nedbank, Account no: 101 429 5653, Branch Code: 162 145 (Centurion)) with
       the reference as on the invoice.

3)    We will then send to you (the parent) the password for the first module of the course that you
        have chosen.

4)    You need to ensure that your child works through the modules, because at the end of each
       there is an Assessment that needs to be sent to us first, and only upon receipt of these will we
       send the password for the next module. We do it this way to give you control over whether or
       not your child actually works through the course material or not. You can decide how much time
       should be spent on each module (as long as it is done within a specific term) and hence ensure
       that each assessment is sent to us. If you have not received a password from us it means that
       your child has not yet completed the module. At the end of the course a formal assessment will
       be done, and we will forward the results of these to you (the parent).

5)    If you require a course that is not specified by the CAPS curriculum for a specific term, i.e.
       something that was done before, you can buy it additionally as a SUPERbook from the Archives.
       The SUPERbooks also include the original assessments, and will be marked if it is sent to us.