If you decide on a TeachMe upgrade
You might consider an upgrade to the Basic or Premium versions of the TeachMe program, and then you can proceed as follows:
1)    Click on the "Upgrade Options" button
2)    Study the Comparison Table, and click on "Buy Online"
From here you will be taken to a website with the name "Payfast".

This is a safe website for online payments (we don't know what information you enter here).

Firstly type in your name, surname and eMail address, to then be taken through to Payfast's registration page. Here you can choose which payment option you prefer, and register that option with Payfast.

As soon as the process is completed you can click on "Register & Pay" to let the transaction go through. Then just follow all the instructions on the screen and look out for any eMails that may be sent to you.
4)    Type the Activation Code, that you will receive via eMail, where you are promped for "Activate
       with Product Code"