What is TeachMe?
The TeachMe program is used by students to play back teh videos of the knowledge transfer process of the SUPERteachers. (Click here for an audio-visual explanation of how it is done). This is a facility with which you can search for subject-related content, like Mathematics, in our database of audio-visual recordings. Just click on the "Search" button as in the picture below, key in your search word, or make use of the search filters for a more accurate search process.

Click here to download the TeachMe program for
  • Windows
  • Android (remember to make the adjustment for "Installation of non-market applications")

By using the search word, as given in the eBooks, when you search, you will see a list of recordings, and this list could even be across several pages. Study the Title and the Description, to choose the video you want to view. It will obviously be to your benefit to, while you are there, also view as many related videos as you can, because you might just learn something that you didn't even think of asking. You are also welcome to use other search words to see if there might be something else that you like or can use.

The TeachMe packages
The TeachMe program os presented in three packages, namely the TeachMe Lite, which gives free access to any of the individual recordings (these recordings are identified with the blue logo). If, however, you want to view any of the SUPERlessons (green logos), where related recordings are bundled for your convenience, or if you want to save the recordings for later use, you will have to upgrade to the TeachMe Basic version.

Therefore, if you want to download and save any of these recordings, we recommend an upgrade to the Basic version. Clic here to see how easy te upgrade is.

The third version of the TeachMe program is the Premium version. Here you will get access to, amongst other things, Assessment worksheets that will automatically return a result and provide the audio-visual memorandums afterwards - the same as our SUPERbooks. NOTE: If you have an upgrade to the Premium version you will not have to pay for any of the SUPERbooks from the Archives.

TeachMe Lite:       
Completely free, and allows you to use keywords to search for related recordings.

TeachMe Basic:     
For this upgrade you will have to pay, unfortunately (click here for the cost structure).
The Basic-version gives you two new facilities:
     1) You can save any of the recordings that you have looked at, so that you can use it later again,
         without having to search and download it each time.
     2) When our SUPERteachers bundle a couple of recordings together according to a theme, we
         refer to it as a “Crash Course SUPERlesson”, or sometimes just simply a “SUPERlesson”.
         Then you have all the related and connected recordings on one page - just a click of the
         mouse away…

TeachMe Premium:   
For this upgrade you get even more facilities, amongst which are:
     1) You can do Assessments to test yourself before an exam.
     2) You can use any SUPERbook, without having to worry about additional costs, such as when
          you want to download a course from the Archives.